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What Happens When You Visit Your Dentist in Virginia Beach?

July 23, 2018

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The quest for excellent oral health is an ongoing process that requires certain things to be done to achieve and maintain it. One of them is to visit your dentist in Virginia Beach for cleanings and checkups every six months. In doing so, you’ll have the peace-of-mind of knowing that your oral health is in the best condition, and you’ll be aware of any problems on the horizon. Still, you’d like to know what all takes place when you arrive for a visit. A local dentist weighs in to explain.


The Risks of Skipping Routine Visits to Your Dentist in Virginia Beach

June 10, 2018

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dentist appointmentIt’s a sad fact that dental care seems to be low on lots of people’s list of priorities. Unless a toothache or other oral health problem motivates them to go in for treatment, some people let years go by without visiting their dentist in Virginia Beach. But they’re taking a huge risk! If you do not attend a routine dental visit every six months, you may end up in extreme pain and lose a lot of time and money.


Your Emergency Dentist in Virginia Beach Says do This for Dental Trauma

May 5, 2018

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man holding his jaw in painThere’s nothing like the mild Virginia temperature during spring, so you’re eager to get out and enjoy it over the weekend. Your plans are halted, though, when you’re suddenly hit with intense pain from a toothache that radiates throughout your jaw. Not sure what has caused this sudden flare up, you seek immediate relief. Your emergency dentist in Virginia Beach weighs in to let you know what to do in this and other traumatic situations.


Take a Stand Against Oral Cancer with Your Dentist in Virginia Beach!

April 17, 2018

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oral cancer word cloud red lettersApril has been designated as National Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Thus, your dentist in Virginia Beach reminds you of the importance of being proactive in your efforts to prevent this disease. But if you’ve never heard of oral cancer, you’ll learn more about it as you continue reading. Your local dentist will also clue you in on what symptoms of the disease to be on the lookout for and the importance of semi-annual visits for screenings.


A Reminder from Your Dentist: Flossing Every Day Is Important!

March 3, 2018

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getting ready to flossLots of adults hate flossing. Maybe you find it uncomfortable, tedious, or time-consuming. And since you’ve gotten away for years without flossing regularly, you might not have any intention of adopting the habit. But is that really a smart idea? No. Flossing every day is of vital importance to your oral health. Your dentist in Virginia Beach explains why.


Dentist in Virginia Beach Explains How Gums Affect Heart Health

February 26, 2018

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Taking care of your teeth and mouth is more important than ever. Why? More and more studies point to the fact that oral health—specifically gum health–is directly correlated to your overall health and how your heart maintains your well-being. Maintaining strong, healthy, pink gums may reduce your chances of developing a life-threatening condition like heart disease. But in the same breath, the opposite is true—bad oral health could increase your risk of suffering from problems like a heart attack or even a stroke.

Thankfully, your dentist in Virginia Beach is here to explain this important connection between gum health and heart health in this week’s blog post.


Partner with a Dentist in Virginia Beach for a Better Smile

January 25, 2018

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woman smiling white teethHave you considered what your new years resolution will be? One of the best resolutions that you can make for 2018 is to take better care of your oral health.

You can use the help of your dentist in Virginia Beach to do so! Learn more about how to optimize your oral health in 2018 with these helpful dental tips.


Dental Implants — The Ideal Solution to Missing Teeth

December 16, 2017

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dental implant x-rayYou might have taken your teeth for granted before you lost them. However, when you joined the ranks of individuals who don’t have a complete set of pearly whites, you discovered that those gaps in your smile are more than just an inconvenience. Missing teeth can downgrade your entire quality of life, and they can even pose a threat to your oral and overall health. Replacing them is important! When you’re talking with your dentist about how to regain a complete set of chompers, be sure to discuss dental implants in Virginia Beach. You might just find out that they’re the perfect solution for you!


Your Dentist in Virginia Beach Has the Solutions to Cure Bad Breath

November 18, 2017

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Woman hiding bad breathNothing can make you feel more uncomfortable than having bad breath. While everyone suffers from an unpleasant odor after eating a spicy meal or their favorite garlicy dish, others live with a daily battle trying to combat the problem. When it is a frequent, reoccurring issue, it is known as halitosis. It is estimated that roughly 50% of adults will deal with it at some point in their lives. To try to cure the problem, brushing and flossing may not be enough; however, that does not mean that all hope is lost. Instead, your dentist in Virginia Beach can help you take control to stop the odor.

Electric or Manual Toothbrush? Your Dentist Offers an Opinion

October 23, 2017

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toothbrush and toothpasteEveryone loves their gadgets, whether it is a wearable fitness tracker, a smartphone that can do everything and then some, or a cool TV. The bathroom isn’t exempt from our technological love affair. You’re probably always seeing advertisements for the latest and greatest toothbrushes, but are these fancy products worth the price? Will your pearly whites benefit more from an electric toothbrush than a manual one? Your dentist in Virginia Beach is here to help you decide which type of tooth cleaning tool is right for your mouth.


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