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Dentist in Virginia Beach Explains Dental Habits You Shouldn’t Skip

September 1, 2018

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Couple brushing teeth together.We’ve all been there: you’ve had a long day, you just got in bed, and then you realize you haven’t brushed or flossed yet. This requires very little time, but your bed is just so comfortable that you don’t want to get up. Some things are okay to skip on, but your oral healthcare isn’t one of them. Keep reading to see why you should never miss your dental habits from your trusted dentist in Virginia Beach.

Dental Habits You Shouldn’t Skip

There are many dental habits we should all be practicing, but there are 3 habits dentists agree on that are most commonly skipped:

Regular Dental Checkups and Cleanings

Although missing a visit to your dentist may seem harmless, there’s a direct link between your oral health and overall health you should be aware of. Seeing your dentist regularly can prevent more serious health issues from occurring down the road.

If you skip your appointments due to anxiety or cost, you may eventually need dental treatments due to lack of care that are much more invasive and expensive than a simple checkup and cleaning.

Flossing Once a Day

Flossing once a day is so important because it dislodges food that regular brushing can’t reach. If you skip flossing, plaque can build up in between your teeth. This can cause yellowing of your teeth, tartar buildup, cavities, bad breath, and much more.

Tartar buildup can only be removed by a dentist, and it can cause other complications like decay and gum disease.

Brushing Before Bed

This habit is so easy to do in a short amount of time so why do we skip it? The later you go to bed, the harder it is to make this habit part of your routine.

If you don’t brush before bed, bacteria in your mouth that you’ve picked up throughout the day can break down tooth enamel while you sleep. This causes tooth decay, cavities, and tartar buildup that is hard to remove (as mentioned above).

Tips If You Struggle with Dental Habits

If you are struggling to brush your teeth before bed or floss every day, use these tips to get back on track:

  • Keep a toothbrush by your bed.
  • Stash floss in your nightstand.
  • Go to bed earlier.

These tips help with convenience and effort, as you have everything you need right beside your bed. They also promote getting in the positive habit of daily oral healthcare and not letting bacteria fester overnight. An earlier bedtime will get you a better night’s sleep and you won’t be too tired to brush or floss.

Skipping your dental habits here and there can become a habit of it’s very own. Make sure to go to your dentist regularly, brush before bed time, and floss daily to achieve the best oral health possible so you can look and feel your best.

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Sarah Esparza takes pride in providing the best care for her patients in Virginia Beach. She loves seeing her patients for dental checkups because she has the opportunity to prevent dental issues from turning into more serious problems. She currently practices at Esparza Family Dentistry and can be contacted by phone at (757) 499-4707.

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